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Mercedes-Benz’s designers released their new vehicle concept named Mercedes Biome concept, which is an extremely futuristic design. It is an ultralight vehicle that utilizes technologies from nature to achieve unparalleled efficiency and seamless integration into the ecosystem. The concept is Mercedes-Benz’s latest concept,it is a full-sized model.

The Mercedes BIOME Concept is a natural technology hybrid which emits pure oxygen and at the end of its lifespan the car can be used as building material or simply be composed. Tipping the scale at just 394 Kg the Mercedes BIOME Concept is made from BioFibre, which is much lighter than metal or plastic and runs on a chemical liquid called BioNectar4534.

The concept is powered by BioNectar4534, which is stored in the BioFibre material of the chassis, interior, and wheels. Mercedes-Benz has developed a technology to equip trees with special receptors which can collect the excess solar energy and turn it into BioNectar4534. This creates a direct link with nature’s energy sources and acts as an incentive to cover mobility energy requirements through more trees and at the same time maintain natural resources. It can be fully composted or used as building material. Thanks to the exclusive use of green technologies, the BIOME vehicle thus blends seamlessly into the ecosystem.

The Mercedes-Benz BIOME concept car appearance, Mercedes-Benz BIOME concept car styling very avant-garde, like most of the science fiction film appear in the future cars. Four wheels is more like four large turbines, as of now this is not a nice aesthetic for the vehicle. But this is just a design concept Mercedes-Benz show when the car reaches mass production, when there will be great changes in appearance.

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