Nissan Ellure Sedan Concept – Features, Photos

Nissan Ellure 3 Nissan Ellure Sedan Concept   Features, Photos Nissan Ellure 4 Nissan Ellure Sedan Concept   Features, Photos Nissan Ellure 46 Nissan Ellure Sedan Concept   Features, Photos Nissan designed the new version named, Nissan Ellure concept hybrid vehicle. This concept is at once elegant and aggressive, with styling elements. The concept sedan comes at a time when buyers are moving more towards coupe and crossover SUV alternatives, it means to show Nissan’s vision of it’s next-generation sedans. The Ellure is powered by a supercharged 2.5-liter inline-four and a 25-kilowatt electric motor, mated to the automaker’s Xtronic CVT and a front-wheel-drive layout. Nissan says the concept uses regenerative braking and an advanced drive-by-wire electric/hydraulic steering system to ensure that the Ellure is as involving as possible for drivers out on the road. Other interior features are, hidden audio system speakers embedded in doors and headrests, interior “alcove” style, recessed lighting design and armrest touch controls with haptic feedback. The 2011 Ellure features include: an aerodynamic design and four-door coupe styling. Notable highlights include a steeply raked windscreen, a glass roof, reverse opening rear doors, and 21-inch five-spoke aluminum wheels. The inside of car include: the cabin has a tri-color design theme, lounge-like rear seats, a front passenger forward-facing ottoman, and a floating center console. The  all new Ellure looks very innocent at first glance, but if you look deeper you can see its sinister side as well! It appears to be just a practical sedan for your nice family, but then all those curves and aggressive lines scream fun and games. Photo Gallery

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