2011 Ford Escape – Features, Photos, Price

2011 Ford Escape 588x391 2011 Ford Escape   Features, Photos, Price

2011 Ford Escape Side 588x391 2011 Ford Escape   Features, Photos, Price

2011 Ford Escape.... 2011 Ford Escape   Features, Photos, Price

2011 Ford Escape has been built by a team of competent engineers whose extensive know-how in the car upgradation and tuning program is remarkably excellent. Escape car is one of three car models like Mazda and Milan. More beautifully decorated car compartment of Escape is flexible, glossy and upgraded with perfection. There are two engines which are energy efficient. You can choose either 2.5 liter capacitated V4 engine or V6 powertrain. The former engine generates 171 hp and the latter car engine delivers 240hp. It is a sort of hybrid backed vehicle which is eco-friendly and fuel efficient.

Torque generating tool is in good condition and automatic transmission device performs excellently to enhance the smooth flow of torque from the powertrain to the wheelbases of the car. The powertrain is extremely workable and functional. Car engine is also provided with warranty option. At a press conference, company’s secretary has told reporters that Escape will have highly upgraded electronic car accessories to tune the exterior and interior portions of the vehicle in more dynamic way. The outer hull texture of the car compartment is painted in mind blowing color shades. Four wheel drive system is another important part of car upgradation package. Four wheels of the vehicle are durable and lightweight. Escape car is really attractive and it is available in three different levels/trims like XLS, Limited and XLT models. Safety canopy in combination with six air bags are really magnificent. The overall performance of the vehicle is remarkable. The carbon emission level is low and the energy efficiency capability is noticeable.

Additional support has been given to car tire bands by installing fenders. The dampers are capable of harnessing road friction and sucking shock. Axle bars are solid and smooth to increase the proper rotation of the wheels. RPM resonators are more powerful with hushed up throttle vibration. The rpm rates are on the rise due to the smooth channelization of torque/applied force via clutch disc hubs to activate rear wheelbases. This is the vehicle which is more colorful and light in weight.

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Price range of MRSP: $21,060 – $34,125.

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