2011 Kia Picanto – Photos, Features, Price

Kia Picanto 0 2011 Kia Picanto   Photos, Features, Price

Kia is currently working to develop a new generation version named 2011 Kia Picanto. The model should provide five-star Euro NCAP, to have a design more attractive and more modern engines. Subsequently will be introduced and an electric version.

New Picanto has two petrol engines are available – a 60bhp 1.0-litre and a 64bhp 1.1. Both have five-speed manual ’boxes, while a four-speed auto is optional for the 1.1. The larger engine has enough oomph for city driving, but needs to be worked hard to get up to motorway speeds. Both engines make themselves heard under full throttle but settle to a reasonable background hum at motorway pace. Road noise increases at speed and over rough surfaces, and wind noise intrudes slightly at high speed.

The interior of car using a purple color creats a calm and peaceful emvironment within the space-ship like cabin. Facing the driver, a small piece of plexi-glass in front og the steering wheel shows a Transparent Organic LED displays for speed, battery charge and another play readouts. It is also a fully electric, zero emissions car with a 60 ps, 190 Nm of the motor. Its speed can reach 140 kph with a maximum range of 160 km on a single charge.


Engine Location   :-  Front
Drive Type    :-  Front Wheel


Seating Capacity     :- 5
Doors    :-  4

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Starting price at around $10 985.

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