2011 Lotus Evora SC – Photos, Features, Price

lotusevoralalive 04 opta1 2011 Lotus Evora SC   Photos, Features, Price

Lotus introducing their next future car named 2011 Evora SC. The future car is look on the design and is very beautiful. The company has just announced that they upgraded the Evora to a 350 hp Evora SC.

New Evora SC has 2,976 lbs weight and powered up the 3.5-liter V6 engine into 350hp while on supercharger and 0 to 60 mph should come down to under five seconds. It will stuff a supercharger into the valley between the cylinder banks to pump that up to around 350 hp. That should be enough to boost the top end from 160 mph to around 175 mph.

The new Lotus Evora S develops peak power of 258kW at 7,000rpm and maximum torque of 400Nm at 4,500rpm – combined with a six-speed manual transmission this sees the zero to 100km/h sprint time drop to just 4.8 seconds.

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Starting priced at $78,040.

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