2011 McLaren MP4-12C GT3 – Features, Photos, Price

Large Image 2011 McLaren MP4 12C GT3   Features, Photos, Price

McLaren has announced its new GT3 racing car, based on the McLaren MP4-12C, with Leicestershire-based racing team CRS Racing. McLaren is getting serious about its automotive division with the launch of the MP4-12C.

The 12C’s architecture and design was always aimed at high-performance and ease of maintenance – two key criteria for potential customers. Combine that with the vast amount of racing experience in our automotive team, and CRS Racing’s specialist development experience, and the 12C GT3 should be an exciting proposition for the top teams planning to race in GT3 from 2012.

The front side air intakes have been closed off and replaced by a duct in centre of the bonnet, while the window vents have also been revised. The tacked-on wings on the front bumper are most likely part of aerodynamics testing, and are unlikely to appear on the final version of the GT3 car. With the 12C’s revolutionary lightweight one-piece moulded carbon chassis, its high levels of downforce and aerodynamic performance, and its focus on form and function, the 12C should prove to be a great platform on which to develop a racing car, as well as visually setting pulses racing at European race tracks.

McLaren Aumobile is making its way back into the GT sports car racing scene with a limited number of GT3 racing cars based on the MP4-12C sports car. These models will be designed and developed by McLaren and CRS Racing, and should make their first racing debut in the 2012 European FIA GT3 Series.


Engine Configuration    :-  V
Cylinders   :-   8
Engine Type   :-   M838T
Aspiration/Induction   :-   Twin-turbocharged
Horsepower    :-   600 BHP (441.6 KW)
Torque   :-   442 Ft-Lbs (600 NM)
Redline     :-  8500
Fuel Type   :-  Gasoline – Petrol
Fuel Feed Fuel Injecte


Gears   :-  7
Transmission  :-   Manual

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Price start at $262,186.

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