2011 Toyota Prius – Features, Photos, Price

20235 2011 toyota Prius 2011 Toyota Prius   Features, Photos, Price

20236 2011 toyota Prius 2011 Toyota Prius   Features, Photos, Price

20234 2011 toyota Prius 2011 Toyota Prius   Features, Photos, Price

Toyota represents the third-generation version named 2011 Prius, is world’s most recognizable hybrid. New Prius is the best car and most fuel-efficient hybrid on the road. It is larger, more powerful, and more fuel-efficient than other generation model. And it remains the world’s best-selling hybrid by far.

2011 Prius has a larger petrol engine than before, 1.8 litres rather than 1.5 litres. The first two generations of Prius were designed for inner city running, and so when travelling at higher speeds the engine was always on and using petrol. It will travel on battery power alone at speeds of up to 65km/h, as long as the driver is gentle on the throttle. Larger throttle inputs will have the engine starting and shutting down almost constantly.

The latest generation of Prius also has a roomier interior, although the boot floor is high because it hides a couple of extra storage boxes beneath the carpet. The high specification i-Tech model tested here has satellite navigation, reversing sensors, and even a set of solar cells in the sunroof that operate a fan to keep the car cooler while it is parked. The driver can also activate the climate control air-conditioning system while out of the car, cooling the interior before entry.

The all new Toyota  Prius has also been a technological flagship vehicle, offering new features to the Toyota brand like Touch Tracer Display, Solar Powered ventilation, Smart Key System with Push Button Start, Lane Keep Assist, an Advanced Parking Guidance System and LED headlamps.

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Starting price around $21,650.

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