2012 Holden Volt – Photos, Price, Features

2012 holden volt 2012 Holden Volt   Photos, Price, Features

General Motor released its highly anticipated extended-range electric vehicle named 2012 Holden Volt. It show a right-hand-drive version of Volt sporting Holden badges on its aerodynamic front and rear.

New Volt is an Extended-Range Electric Vehicle. It uses electricity to move its wheels at all times and speeds. For trips of up to 64 kilometres, it is powered solely by the electricity stored in its battery without using petrol or producing exhaust pipe emissions. When the battery’s energy is depleted, a small petrol-powered engine generates electric power for the vehicle to travel hundreds of additional kilometres. Advanced technology enables the vehicle’s battery to be charged in less than three hours on a standard 240v power outlet. Charge times are reduced if the battery has not been fully depleted. GM estimates that compared to petrol-powered vehicles that average 7.8 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, Volt will save motorists up to 1892 litres of fuel a year.

These will offer the space, comfort, convenience and safety features that customers expect in a four-passenger sedan. GM will establish the first lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing facility operated by a major automaker in the United States to produce the Volt’s battery pack system. It consists of lithium-ion cells that are grouped into modules, along with other key battery components. The plant will be located in Michigan, subject to negotiations with state and local government authorities.

2012 Holden Volt  might sport a revolutionary new drivetrain and be the subject of more column inches than a next-gen iPhone escaping from Guantanamo Bay and freeing Aung San Suu Kyi, but the Volt impresses thanks to its ordinariness.

The Holden Volt will be powered exclusively on electricity stored in its battery without petrol or producing exhaust fumes.  a small gasoline engine to produce electricity for the vehicle to travel hundreds of miles.   Holden Volt  technology allows the vehicle’s battery must be less than three hours of normal 240V socket. Download shortened if the battery is low. GM estimates that compared to gasoline vehicles, with an average of 7.8 liters of fuel per 100 km, V will save motorists up to 1892 liters of fuel per year

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