2012 Land Rover LRX – Photos, Features

2011 land rover lrx 2012 Land Rover LRX   Photos, Features

2012 land rover lrx resize 2012 Land Rover LRX   Photos, Features

2012 land rover lrx2 2012 Land Rover LRX   Photos, Features

Land Rover is planning to bring out a front-wheel-drive version of the forthcoming 2012 LRX crossover. The concept showcases several new Land Rover ideas for making SUVs more eco-friendly, and some of these should transfer to the production model and other future Land Rovers.

New concept version of the LRX derived its power from a 2.0-liter diesel-hybrid system, rated at 60 mpg and stay tuned for bio-diesel regulations. Closing of the cross can not combine both diesel and electric drives in an exclusive package to be able to argue, just gasoline, hybrid and diesel gearings is anticipated to act at all characters in the final product. This is a result of their attempt in making a vehicle dealing with the issue of climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. It also comes with the latest technology to achieve the maximum fuel efficiency.

New LRX is also expected to get stop-start systems to cut idle fuel use and emissions, and there’s even a chance that some carbon fiber reinforced plastic panels will see production to cut weight. The latest LRX will be defining a totally new segment. The three-door LRX efficiently meets the needs of a changing world with a car that is a peculiar for Land Rover with a greenish, SUV look. This is probably the future of the SUV- lighter, smaller and more efficient. It can claim to be the best looking Land Rover ever made.

The new Land Rover’s Range Rover brand is celebrating theĀ  big 4-0 this year, and the new belle of the ball is the all-new 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, which is being previewed as part of the legendary off-road brand’s birthday celebration. It’s the smallest, lightest and most fuel efficient Rangie ever produced.


Drive wheels: all

Engine: 3.2-liter V6

Horsepower: 230

Torque: 234 pound-feet

Transmission: 6-speed automatic

Dimensions (CG estimates)

Wheelbase: 104.7 inches

Length: 171.3 inches

Width: 74.0 inches

Height: 60.4 inches

Base curb weight: 4,150 pounds

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