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Japanese automaker Nissan has unveiled their brand new global small sedan named 2012 Nissan Sunny. The new Sunny is targeted to young families, who are seeking for a medium sized sedan that offers plenty of interior space, good safety and quality at decent price.

New Nissan Sunny is powered by a 1.5-liter HR15DE engine with dual injectors coupled with a Xtronic CVT with an auxiliary transmission. It delivers ease in handling for city driving where there’s frequent acceleration and deceleration, and superior environmental performance as a projected class leader in fuel economy. All new Nissan Sunny is expected that young families in the 30s, look for medium sedan, which combines the dynamic high-end space, quality and, with the Sun and appeal of the Nissan brand.

The Nissan recently introduced there latest sedan vehicle  of 2012 Nissan Sunny at the China International AutoShow. The new 2012 Nissan Sunny will be released in chinese automobile market by early 2011 and the price of 2012 Nissan Sunny will be from RMB 82.8K to 112.8K (1.04 million – 1.41million yen). Here we are discussing the Review and Features of 2012 Nissan Sunny.

The new  Nissan Sunny comes with new stylish headlighs and taillamps resembling the Maxima.  Nissan Sunny has also got new bumpers, a new interior and new body color choices. Nissan claims the new 2012 Nissan Sunny offers comfortable city driving by reducing frequent acceleration and delays.

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Price range between: $12,548-$17,013.

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