Porsche Cajun Crossover – Photos, Features

Porsche Cajun1  Porsche Cajun Crossover   Photos, Features

The German company Porsche has decided to begin producing a compact car named Cajun Crossover. It is possible that the car will be equipped and hybrid power plant. These are the segment of two-seater, mid-size sports cars. Also it is an attractive entry model in the Porsche’s world.

New Porsches Cajun will exhaust only in a three-door variant. The diesel unit in volume of 2,0 l and capacity of 188 h.p. certainly becomes the base engine for Porsche Cajun, most likely, for the car of mark Porsche it is small. But such version Cajun thanks to the low price can become very popular. Besides there will be still a 2,0-liter petrol unit with a turbo-supercharging and two engines in volume of 3,0 l. Petrol will start to give out 328 h.p., and diesel – 237 h.p. Will appear also the hybrid version. It will unite the petrol motor in volume of 2,0 l and the 47-strong electric motor.

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