2011 Aston Martin DBS – Photos, Features, Price

2011 aston martin dbs 2011 Aston Martin DBS   Photos, Features, Price

Looks like Ashton Martin DBS is being spied and of course, the details of this much awaited car has been leaked on the web. The beauty was spotted at the Nurburgring track at Germany. Well, it seemed like it’s going to be in production very soon.

According to sources, the car was trapped testing and was shielded with concealment tape. The all new Ashton Martin DBS is powered by a 6 litre engine, a V12 that generates 510 horsepower.

There are modifications in the new car which can be seen in the spy shots which includes new intakes, front splitter and a completely modified bumper. The DBS, version 2011 has thin headlamps, a brand new hood, LED strobe lights which run even in daytime and many other features. Also, the all new DBS has new fenders. As for now, the details are limited as the company has not yet given any specifications about the beauty captured by spy cameras.

It is the first DBS production of Ashton Martin which has used light carbon fibre body panels which increased performance. The Ashton Martin DBS is light weighted with flawless weight distribution. Carbon-fibre panels have been for the boot inclusion, boot cap, door inaugural environs, anterior wings and also a bonnet.

The exteriors of the car are beautiful and sport sleek looks. The damper sets are unwavering by an electric regulator unit which also takes sensor interpretations from the car’s structures and system, which includes throttle location, brake positioning , steering wheel revolution and car speed.

Also an entitled Track mode mechanically sets all inhibitions to their steadiest positions, to make it perfect for course driving. The DBS is equipped with P-Zero tires which have been advanced particularly for the car with all new-fangled 20-inch light weight alloy wheels.

–Kreation Guru

Price Range: $273,000-$286,500.

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