2011 BMW M6 – Photos, Features, Price

2011 bmw m6 2011 BMW M6   Photos, Features, Price

2011 BMW 6 variant is not only attractive but also energy efficient. That means your car will not waste fuel and it will perform well even in tormented weather. There will be the low risk of engine failure or any technical fault whatever it may be. This is the vehicle which you can operate with pleasure. The average fuel consumption rate of the vehicle is 22mph in the city whereas 15mph for the highway. Engine is a 5.0 liter capacitated engine which generates 507 hp. V10 power train is not only durable but also it performs excellently. The galloping time of the car is 4.6 seconds to cover 60 km. The safety features of the car are very attractive and up to the mark. You can drive the car with pleasure. ABS brakes, airbags, side airbags, car stability controlling system, parking sensor devices and other car upgradation accessorise are in perfect order. Sports suspension dampers are workable and easy to operate. These shock absorbers have excellent performance track record.

There is another fantastic advantage which is waiting for car operators. This new car is supposed to be sold with good warranty scheme. 12 year warranty card will be issued to the name of the car owner the time of finalizing the deal. The automatic transmission tool inside the vehicle is workable and competent to channelize the torque well to activate the rear wheels. The car is also fuel economic. You will have no headache to fill up the oil reservoir frequently as this car doesn’t waste fuel.

2011 BMW M6 is designed with a carbon insulated roof surface. This luxury car is also beautifully decorated. The leather insulated upholsters, squads and floor mats inside the car compartment are durable, durable with high performance level. The electronic infotainment system has been placed into the car for gifting people marvelous distortion free soundtrack which is ear soothing.

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Price Range   :-   $102,100-$107,900.

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