2011 Dodge Nitro – Photos, Features, Price

2011 Dodge Nitro 1 2011 Dodge Nitro   Photos, Features, Price

2011 dodge nitro side wowwoodys 2011 Dodge Nitro   Photos, Features, Price

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2011 Dodge Nitro is the vehicle which has won million hearts due to majestic beauty and well fitted the car cabin. The most vital part of a car is the engine which must be in good condition to avoid the accident. Power train kit must be durable, competent and performance based. An upgraded power train has the good capacity to produce adequate torque and power for ensuring the hassle free car trip. The standard technical upgradation kit of the car provides maximum comfort and satisfaction to the vehicle. A 4.0 liter capacitated V6 power train is available with the car upgradation package.

Inside the car cabin, there is a sophisticated Bluetooth fore stablishing better communication. The infotainment attachment into the car cabin is durable and competent to produce the distortion free music. 2011 Dodge Nitro is a type of sports utility vehicle. It can offer space for five persons to undergo a fantastic car trip. There are different models of Dodge Nitro like Heat, Shock and Detonator. The Heat car model covers heated glass insulated mirror setting; air conditioned machine, ergonomic steering wheel, keyless locking system, 6-speaker stereo setup, satellite supported radio with odometer for the distance measurement covered by the car.

This street gladiator is fuel economic. If you do comparison study, you will come to know that in terms of speed, mileage, fuel consumption rate, carbon emission level, and sound controlling process; this is the sophisticated vehicle which performs exceptionally well.

The interior décor of the car is excellent because of the installation of squads, leather insulated upholsters, windshields and sun visors which are properly kept in order. The negative camber of the car wheels is remarkably high. This car doesn’t produce harsh muffle response. The resonators are good and capable of detecting radio frequencies whereas the waveguide plays its role in guiding the frequencies with much perfection.
–Kreation Guru

Price Range: $22,245-$27,245.

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