2011 Ford Focus BEV – Photos, Features

2011 ford focus bev front angle view image 2011 Ford Focus BEV   Photos, Features

The Ford car makers have always made cars not only for the mango people but have even made ultimate cars for luxury. With competition getting tougher and tougher everyday in market, the Ford car making company is leaving no stones unturned to match up to the consumer’s high expectations. However they are all set to get the eyes rolling with the all new Ford Focus BEV electric prototype. The BEV electric car incorporates advanced electric power train, designed incorporation with Magna. This special feature has been designed for the next generation car users, with c-sized global vehicle architecture. The Ford Focus is basically a five seater car that makes the drive even more comfortable and smooth. It even has a storage compartment which is quite similar to the other Ford Focus models.

The Focus prototypes, is a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery pack with the capacity of 23kWh and a chassis-mounted 100kWpermanent-magnet electric traction motor. The stunning look of the car is a literal eye catcher and one can easily fall in love with it. The car’s speed ranges up to 850 miles per hour, which makes it even more phenomenal for the consumer. However the charging of the batteries might take up to six to eight hours , using a common 320 volt grid. The car has been already launched in the US early this year.

The car comes in two to three colors that is, orange gold and absolute white. The car has enough leg room in the front that would really relax the passenger sitting in the front. The air conditioner of the car has an auto temperature cooling system that adjusts according to the climate outside. The overall height of the car stands 58.9 in / 1497 mm with a length and width of 171.7in / 4362 mm and 72.4 in / 1840 mm respectively.

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