2011 Ford Police Interceptor – Photos, Features

2011 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle from Front View Picture 570x404 2011 Ford Police Interceptor   Photos, Features

2011 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle from Side View Picture 570x407 2011 Ford Police Interceptor   Photos, Features

2011 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle from Interior View Picture 570x407 2011 Ford Police Interceptor   Photos, Features

American manufacturer Ford has released its new purpose-built model named as 2011 Police Interceptor. It is Ford’s first-ever specially designed built for the rigors of police work. These can perform fast and efficient pursuit of fuel so that police can do the job faster

New Interceptor Police is equipped with a highly efficient engine 3.5-liter V6. This Ti-VCT engine, delivering at least 280 horsepower and compatibility with E85, is coupled to a single six-speed automatic transmission that combines the reduction of the initial rates of acceleration off the line and prepare for further efficiency at low revs at cruising speed. Two transmission options are available, offering off-road capabilities has been associated with a versatile cargo space specially calibrated for loads up to 800 pounds

New Police Interceptor will comes with Safety Canopy® side-curtain air bag rollover protection system, the brakes have been increased in size and performance, the cooling package is purpose-built as well, featuring a heavy-duty alternator and larger radiator, the honeycomb grille is designed to work in harmony with the interior components, offering more air flow throughout the vehicle and the standard 18-inch steel wheels are vented. The interior has a column shifter, leaving the console area free for police equipment, and a lower bolster in the front seats to accommodate utility belts.

Other Features

it seems like Ford’s Crown Victoria has been the single car we most feared in our mirrors for our entire driving lives. While private sales of the Crown Vic ceased in 2008, sales to fleets—read “police departments”—will continue through 2011. Then, after 15 years on the job, the Crown Vic will retire to a restless life of obsessively mowing the lawn, trying to get interested in cooking, and relentlessly nagging its wife about the dust mites in the living room.Come 2012, though, there’ll be a new sheriff (cruiser) in town. It’ll be Taurus-based, although we wonder about Ford’s complete avoidance of the word “Taurus” in its presentation of the new Police Interceptor, as it is called. A vote of unconfidence in the full-size sedan? Instead, the company repeatedly referred to its “purpose-built” Police Interceptor. It isn’t. Consider it “purpose-modified.”

The interior of the 2012 Police Interceptor sedan has been modified to meet the needs of police work, including enhanced safety to withstand 75-mph rear-end crash testing, a special side-curtain rollover airbag for front and rear passengers–yes, criminals get safety enhancements, too–plus special Roll Fold technology to let the side curtain airbags slip between the passenger and window.

Optional Features

Recognizing the demands placed on police pursuit vehicles, Ford offers a long list of optional features and police prep packages. These features enhance safety, performance and comfort. And, of course, the cars can be further customized to the specific requirements of individual police departments.



Length    :-   212
Wheelbase    :-  114.7
Width -(Excluding mirrors)    :- 78.3
Height    :-  58.3

Interior (in.)
Head room     :- 39.5
Shoulder room    :- 60.6
Hip room      :-  57.4
Leg room     :-  41.6


Head room     :-  37.8
Shoulder room    :-  60
Hip room      :- 56.1
Leg room      :-  38

Capacity(cu. ft.)
Passenger volume    :-  107.5
Cargo volume      :-  20.6
Total interior volume    :-   128.1
Fuel (gal.)     :-  19
Seating     :-  5, 6


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