The Exciting 2011 Vertrek Concept from Ford

fordvertrek01 The Exciting 2011 Vertrek Concept from Ford

2011 Ford Vertek Concept Image 07 800 The Exciting 2011 Vertrek Concept from Ford

fordvertrek04 The Exciting 2011 Vertrek Concept from Ford

Gone are those days when people used to travel in bulky slow cars that consumed a lot of fuel and created a lot of pollution. According to Jim Farly, the Vice President of Ford people now go for cars which are sporty in look compact in design and stylish in outlook and on top of it great to drive with fuel efficiency and updated technology. The 2011 Ford Vertrek Concept has just the right solution to such quests or demands.

It is athletic in its outlook and is driven on advanced EcoBoost technology. 2011 Ford Vertrek Concept is made on kinetic design philosophy that is to create a car that looks to be in motion even though static. It seems as if like a runner ready to shoot out from his starting block. The engine of this car is built on Eco Boost technology. The four cylinder 1.6 litre machine helps in more effective fuel combustion. The auto shutdown provision of the engine also saves the consumption of fuel. The automatic start and stop technology of the 2011 Ford Vertrek Concept reduces also the emission of carbon dioxide by at least five percent. Thus 2011 Ford Vertrek Concept can be called an eco friendly concept.

The engine starts almost immediately in around 0.3 seconds when the driver wants to move off and it is quite silent and instant. The battery used is of futuristic technology and it converts into electric energy the kinetic energy of the car without additional use of fuel. The unused electric current can be used for recharging the car battery to be utilized later. The battery also constantly communicates with the automatic start stop system of the car.

With all such advanced technologies accommodated into 2011 Ford Vertrek Concept how can one resist buying such a vehicle to be flaunted since this is not a mere car but a poetry on steel and a philharmonic orchestra of machinery.
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