2011 Hyundai Curb Concept – Features, Photos

01 hyundai curb concept 2011 Hyundai Curb Concept   Features, Photos

08 hyundai curb concept 2011 Hyundai Curb Concept   Features, Photos

04 hyundai curb concept 2011 Hyundai Curb Concept   Features, Photos

Hyundai has modified Curb vehicle which is not only energy efficient but also it is the sophisticated vehicle. In a close-up interview, Jason Brown, the designer of Hyundai Curb car has told reporters that this is the upgraded vehicle which performs more brilliantly. Curb car has been tuned with 1.6 liter Gamma inline 4 which generates 175 hp. There are other fantastic features of the vehicle. The dual clutch transmission is the sophisticated tool which ensures better supply of torque (applied force) to activate the car wheels. The fuel economy of the vehicle is really noticeable and remarkable because of its inborn capacity to save 30 miles per gallon (city) whereas 40mph (highway).

The technical specifications include automatic transmission and drive train package. There is a digital display board inside the cockpit of the compartment of the car. This street nav system helps drivers to drive the car more competently even in the midst of darkness. Odometer is the electronic tool which comes handy for the measurement of distance/mileage of the vehicle. Besides, Blue Link technology has been utilized to assist the drivers to bring uniformity to the proper car tuning programs in which electronic gadgets and car accessories will be in order. That means, car operator will have better conception about the technical configuration along with integration between suspension dampers and drive train package. Apart from this, the acrylic insulated screen of the car is durable and transparent to ensure better entry of sunlight. This vehicle is much more suitable to upscale society. For urban lifestyles, this type of sophisticated car will give complete satisfaction to car users.

The interior décor is so nice that car lovers will be overwhelmed to have the snapshots of the vehicle. The interior design has been made more splendid and glamorous by installing retractable car seats with high quality leather insulated squads.

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