2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain Edition – Photos, Features, Price

11gallardoblancpain001 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 4 Blancpain Edition   Photos, Features, Price

11gallardoblancpain004 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 4 Blancpain Edition   Photos, Features, Price

11gallardoblancpain003 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 4 Blancpain Edition   Photos, Features, Price

Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain is a new addition to its Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo racing series. Lamborghini is the manufacturer of this sophisticated vehicle which performs excellently meeting the basic needs of consumers. Lamborghini has appointed specially trained car designers and engineers to tune cars magnificently.

Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain edition is well built with a number of car upgradation accessories in its perfect order under the hood of the car. Jet black colored Alcantara leather has been used to decorate the interior space of the vehicle. Engine is efficient and up to the mark. Powerful energy efficient power train provides adequate torque for the activation of car wheelbases.

Technical specifications include competent brake calipers, wishbone, Skorpius wheelbases with clutch hub discs, dampers and carbon diffuser. The sprinting time of the car is 3.4 seconds to cover 60mph. The supercar is always beautiful in design with magnificent color contrast. Blancpain logo has been placed on the exterior texture of the car. Inside the cockpit of the vehicle, there are other sophisticated car upgradation accessories like odometer, street nav system, ergonomic steering wheel, tire pressure measurement tools, dashboard with binnacle.

The exterior part of the car cabin is smooth and glossy. Frontal part of the car cabin is made more unique and elegant due to the fixation of trapezoidal grilles, headlamp bezels with flanges. In addition the electronic infotainment is also available inside the car compartment. Tires are not wimpy. Nor are the wheelbases heavy to lift. The tire fenders are closely attached to protect the rubber bands of the tire from dust and water.

Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain runs at the speed of 199 mph. This car has the eye catching chassis which is long lasting. Inside the cockpit of the car, there are windshields and wipers. The glass insulated windows are transparent and easy to access sunlight. The spoiler is able to ensure proper airflow into the cabin of the vehicle.

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