2011 Peugeot Hoggar- Features, Photos, Price

2011 Peugeot Hoggar Pick Up Truck 2011 Peugeot Hoggar  Features, Photos, Price

2011 Peugeot Hoggar 21 2011 Peugeot Hoggar  Features, Photos, Price

2011 Peugeot Hoggar Car Interior Design 500x361 2011 Peugeot Hoggar  Features, Photos, Price

The Peugeot Hoggar is evidence of the company’s international ambitions and confirmation that Peugeot is speeding up its new product launch strategy. Developed in Brazil, for the Brazilian market, the pick-up is designed to meet the requirements of the local clientele, consolidating Peugeot’s position as national manufacturer. The name Hoggar – after a mountain chain in the Sahara desert, in Africa – taken from one of the Marque’s concept cars, evokes a combination of power, strength and action. Peugeot Hoggar is the first model to use a combined platform, based on the chassis of the Brazilian 207 and that of the Partner.

In this way, Peugeot puts its traditional knowledge of utility vehicles to good use and, by mixing the concepts, offers a model suited to the requirements of the Brazilian clientele, in a new market segment. This is set off by a touch of excitement and dynamism unusual in the pick-up world, underlined by resolutely modern styling and by the quality of the materials used in the passenger compartment, not forgetting the bold, young design, characteristic of the Peugeot marquee. The Peugeot Hoggar will be launched in Brazil on 15th May 2010, in three equipment levels and is available in two Flex Fuel engine options which are 1.4 and 1.6respectively.

The interior of the Peugeot Hoggar has a variegated grain trim with a pleasant touch. The dashboard has three circular dials that evoke precision instruments. The interior layout enables the driver to find a good driving position easily, as the steering wheel and the folding and anti-dive seats are height-adjustable. The interior area can easily hold compact luggage. With the seats folded right down, the capacity of the cab rises to a volume of 120 liters, up to the height of the load space, so the driver can store rucksacks and other items.

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Priced at $32,000.

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