2011 Scion xB – Features, Photos, Price

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A man’s pleasure lies in his dream machines, be it from the new gadgets to new cars. This is what he desires the most in his life. The passion for owning a big machine runs through his veins. Well the all new refreshed looking Scion xB from the house of Toyota has got everything one is looking for. However there are a few changes that has been given to the exterior of the sexy looking car. The seating of the car has been made very comfortable so that the passengers can enjoy a smooth drive throughout their journey. The new front grill, headlights, and back lights make the car look stylish and classy. The look has been specially designed to attract the youngsters all over the world.

The production company of the car, Kanto Auto Works ltd, is based in Japan but due to the recent earthquake in Japan the production of the car came to halt. The music player of the car supports formats like, MP3, WMA and ACC with CD compatibility and Scion sound equalizer and the passengers can enjoy music of their choice on the go. The engine of the car supports 1.5 litres with four cylinders.

The top speed of the car is 105mph, which would give the driver of the car a lifetime experience. However the acceleration speed of the car stands as 8.5 seconds. The hot machine will be available in two new colours, Army Black and an Elusive Blue Metallic that can set anyone’s pulse racing. The four wheeler car is five a door opening instead of a normal four door opening. The clothing of the seats in the car has been given a very geometric fabric design which makes the interior of the car look very royal and classy. However the base price of the hulk machine has been estimated from US$15000 to US$16,000.
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