2011 Tata Nano CX – Photos, Features, Price

01tatanano2011qs 2011 Tata Nano CX   Photos, Features, Price

03tatanano2011qs 2011 Tata Nano CX   Photos, Features, Price

24tatanano2011qs 2011 Tata Nano CX   Photos, Features, Price

The new model of Nano which is now called the Tata Nano CX is one car even though small which people from the middle class group can actually afford in the developing countries. It surrounds the occupants in steel, puts a solid roof over their heads and even provides a climate controlled interior. Though it looks a little compact from outside but to everyone’s surprise there is adequate seating for four people in the car. The tall roof and the expansive greenhouse help promote a feeling of spaciousness even if you feel cramped inside.

The exterior of this toy car features a taxi-grade, two vinyl upholstery as well as hard plastic door panels. It has a four speed manual transmission, 12 inch tires and equally tiny seven inch drum breaks. The breaks, wheels, tires are suspended at the very corners of the Nano to help maximize the interior space. It also has painted metal which surrounds the door inserts and the roof pillars are also devoid of trim. The company engine produces the engine control computer for the Nano’s fuel injected gasoline engine.

In the interior of Nano, the right front seat of the Nano, its feathery-light door close easily. The key fires the ignition in a familiar way and the engine starts willingly, quickly settling into a smooth idle. The clutch pedal feels as if it is connected to a few thick rubber bands, but it does its job and the Nano moves easily off the line, and the transmission makes quick work of moving up and down the gears. Nano’s engine powers the rear wheels from its position behind the back seats and is accessed through the interior via the panel that forms the floor of the parcel shelf. The hood is held in place with practical wing nuts.

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Price in India: 1 Lakh.

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  1. Alan says:

    I call it as a Fire Car rether than Nano..coz it made news all time catching fire in the engine.

    Tata people have started providing a Fire Extinguisher with Nano for safety reasons here in India.

    Its nice to drive in city areas..easy and tension free parking.

    Good for youngsters and New couples.

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