2011 Toyota Prius C Concept – Photos, Features

07 toyota prius c concept 2011 Toyota Prius C Concept – Photos, Features

03 toyota prius c concept 1294686679 2011 Toyota Prius C Concept – Photos, Features

So what does Toyota have in store for us now? Considering Toyota has always got something promising for its viewers. They have introduced a new car in the hybrid line – Toyota Prius 5. Looks like Prius family will grow in number in the future. Toyota – the fine automakers gave us a preview and raised our expectation bars by explaining us what the new Prius has in store for us. Well, we are excited after hearing the details. We had a look at this cutie at the Detroit Auto Show in 2011. The car is just an imagination for us now as the secretive Toyota is going to give a face to the all-new Prius in the beginning of 2012 – still have time for that! Toyota promises that this is going to be one fine car which gives great performance and is highly fuel efficient. It doesn’t need a plug plus it is worth the buy. Considering Toyota is so sure of its future, we will buy that thought.

It may look like an animated frog prancing around due to certain angle but what is striking is that the all new Prius C Concept is still going to maintain its tag of a five door sedan. We can predict that this new concept will either be a sedan or a hatchback. It looks cute – the first look. But we can only judge after it is set for production. Cuteness and excellence is anyways Toyota’s forte. We saw a blue version which looks absolutely amazing with sleek lines and Toyota’s trademark looks, of course!

Will it make it big in the big bad world? We can only dream for now as this car is set to show its real colours at the beginning of 2012. Let’s hope for the best from our trusted company – Toyota.

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