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2012 buick lucerne 2012 Buick Lucerne   Photos, Features

Who can forget the dream cars from Buick? That palace on wheels used to set the roads on fire when they majestically plied on the streets. Those halcyon days are back. On only the average age of the car buyers of Buick has fallen from seventies to fifties but they are catching up with the trend of the present generation cars. One of such type of car is 2012 Buick Lucerne.

2012 Buick Lucerne is a full size car which is luxurious. To retain the standard signature of its brand the 2012 Buick Lucerne comes with a vertical grille. It is a sedan type car with a slightly smaller interior but with better handling capacity.

The thirty two valve V8 engine is of little more than four and a half litre capacity. It has the capacity of raving up at five thousand and six hundred revolutions per second, two hundred and seventy five horsepower. 2012 Buick Lucerne engine has four speed automatic transmissions. The fuel economy is also awesome. The car gives seventeen miles per gallon on the city road and on the highways it runs at the rate of twenty five miles per gallon of gasoline.

The features of the car are no less impressive. It has an automatic climate control of duel zone type and steering wheel which is wrapped in leather. It has also a steering system that is magnetically assisted. 2012 Buick Lucerne comes also with stability control mechanism.

The interior of the car is also impressive. The audio system which is equipped with satellite radio comes from Harman Kardon. There are also power seats of leather finish. The car can accommodate no less than six adults and excellent seats which provide firm leg and thigh support and high back rest. It has also excellent weather control system. The air bags are also there to absorb the impact during accident.

2012 Buick Lucerne is thus a good car to possess and drive on road where classical majesty is blended with modern state of art technology.
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  1. Chet says:

    I just wish they would make the 2012 Buick Lucerne with an
    engine that gets better gas mileage than they do now.

    I notice that you mentioned a more powerful engine with an
    EPA of 17/25. That is less gas mileage than on the 2011.
    With the high price of gas, they should try to at least
    duplicate the gas mileage of their other models, such as
    the Regal and LaCross.

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