2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG – Photos, Features

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2012 CLS63 AMG is a sophisticated car which has been unveiled on the eve of La Auto Show. The powerful bi-turbocharged V8 engine has been inserted inside the car. The sedan comprises of three compartments like front, mid and rear cabin. The front part of the compartment is used for housing engine and other car upgradation tools under the hood. M157 5.5-literturbo engine is upgraded version and its capability to generate torque is comparatively high. Experts of Mercedes Benz are the car maker which has worldwide reputation and fame in the global automobile industry.

The energy efficient engine offers 518 horsepower and 516pound-feet torque for the activation of the car wheelbases. Negative and positive cambers of the car wheels are kept in perfect balance. Ata seminar which was held within the company’s headquarters few days back, the CEO of the firm has told his associates and electronic media that soon a team of well experienced experts will be introduced to conduct survey to know the general mind sets of car operators.

Meanwhile, the company has released an information booklet in which technical specifications have been highlighted. 7 gear Speed shift MCT automatic tranny has been installed into the car compartment. This sophisticated vehicle takes 4.4 seconds to cover 0-60 mph. The topmost speed of this car is 186max.

This Launch Edition kit will be available after the introduction of CLS63 to the market for sale during summer season. The interior space is colored in dark piano black hue. Alcantara headliners along with AMG car seats with reclining features have been installed into the car compartment for better performance. Corteccia Pearl color leather is used to decorate upholsters. The squads of the car seats are durable and glossy in design. This special edition is eco-friendly and fuel economic. 2012 CLS63 AMG variant is supposed to be launched soon in the market for sale.

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Displacement: 5,461 cm3

Bore x stroke: 98.0 x 90.5 mm

Compression ratio: 10.0 : 1

Power: 518 hp @ 5,500 r/min 550 hp @ 5,500 r/min*

Max. torque: 516 lb-ft @ 1750-5000 r/min 590 lb-ft @ 2000-4500 r/min*

Engine weight (dry): 450 lbs

Fuel economy: 16×21 mpg city / highway

Acceleration 0-60 mph: 4.4 s 4.3 s*

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