Kia gears up for the Super Bowl with the Optima 2011

Kia Optima 2011  Kia gears up for the Super Bowl with the Optima 2011

Kia Optima is the proud winner of’s “Best of 2011” award. It is a car straight out of an auto enthusiast’s dream. The next generation Optima sedan is a car with a unique blend of luxury and technology. It has a completely new stunning design that represents the epitome of class, élan and elegance. The car delivers raw driving power to boost the adrenaline; but it also maintains the fuel economy with the help of new cutting edge technology.

The voice command and touch button are unique technical features that makes the model stand apart from the rest of the breed. It is a revolutionary four wheeler made for those who dare to ride. A blend of turbo and hybrid engine beneath its beautiful hood powers the car. The luxury features of the car compliment the technical prowess.

With 2011’s Super Bowl just around the corner, automakers are coughing

up million of dollars to draw the attention of the potential consumers. Optima sedan will be the centre of attention this year, in the event. The campaigns for the car will be held through mass media, right from television to radio to print.

Various marketing gimmicks are planned around the backdrop of the Super Bowl, so that the Optima can dominate the centre stage. The ‘One Epic Ride’ is the highlight of the campaign. It is an audio visual advertisement of the duration 60 seconds. The advertisement portrays a police officer, an ancient chief and an

international villain and all these characters craves for the optima.

The television ad goes live on the 6th of February, 2011. The interactive marketing campaign is expected to reach audience far and wide. The Super Bowl Campaign has an online game which has 5 puzzles to be solved and the winner of the contest gets a chance to win the revamped Optima. It is a car made to steal million hearts.

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