Mazda Minagi Compact SUV Concept & Offical Photos Released

Mazda Minagi 1024x682 Mazda Minagi Compact SUV Concept &  Offical Photos Released

Minagi Compact SUV is the latest offering from the Japanese automobile manufacturing giant. Excitement among the auto enthusiast is quite palpable about the car. It is going to be one of the best looking beasts in the stable of Mazda. A few teaser photographs of the SUV are released by the manufacturer and the response is good. As per the official sources in Mazda, the car is going to be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Exhibition on March of this year. The latest offering from Mazda is sure to offer tough competition to other cars in its segment; namely the Toyota RAV4, VW Tiguan and the Kia Sportage.

The conceptual SUV car is to display the Kodo philosophy of designing. Mazda has recently taken up the designing line based on Kodo philosophy and Minagi is the second concept car to flaunt it. “Kodo” is a Japanese word that means “soul of motion”. The design of the car is no doubt, interesting and it creates an impression of a feline beast in motion. The eye catcher is sure to draw a lot of attention at Geneva.

The SUV is to host the latest technologies from the house of Mazda. The Mazda3 undercarriage is supposed to be revised, and the modified version is to be used on the Minagi. Mazda’s latest technical marvels, Sky-G (for petrol) and Sky-D (for diesel) engines are to be fitted on the new car. The prestigious Skyactiv system is also implemented on the SUV. This path breaking technology ensures effective mass reduction from the chassis and body of the automobile. However, the weight reduction doesn’t compromise on the safety features of the car and delivers a sturdy frame.

It seems Mazda is starting the New Year 2011, riding high on the technology and designing of the out standing Minagi compact SUV concept car.

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