Phantom EW, Rolls Royce from Wald International- Cars for Fashionable People

Rolls Royce Phantom EW 101 Phantom EW, Rolls Royce from Wald International  Cars for Fashionable People

Do you like to travel by car? Have you any special plan to go to the backcountry to spend vacation by making a long trip to reach your destination in time?  If you are really interested to purchase a highly sophisticated car for making your dream true, you should be a good decision maker by purchasing energy efficient and marvellously decorated Rolls-Royce car which is spacious and large in size.

Those who have already driven these famous cars have appreciated this highly competent sophisticated car for excellent design, mind-blowing colour contrast, lifelong durability and cost effective car accessories.   If you like to enjoy a joy ride or join an overnight adventure expedition by driving cars, you must choose this fantastic Rolls Royce Phantom EW for ensuring hassle free trip without any technical drawback.

The extended wheel base version of the Rolls Royce Phantom is the paragon of luxury and Wald International has added heir styling touches to make it irresistible to the style crazy, car lovers. This special edition is suitably named the Black Bison edition, belonging to the Sports line.

This exciting edition of the Rolls Royce by Wald International offers stylised bumper mounted on the front and the LED based day lights. The rear bumper is extended to give the car a classy look and the side skirts are redesigned too. The spoiler artistically mounted on the trunk and the twenty four inch forged Renovatio wheels are sure to melt the heart of strictest auto design critic.

The power train design is kept untouched in the edition and the V12 workable engine delivers the 453 horsepower and seven hundred and twenty Newton metre of torque.  The car has a top speed of 240 km/hr and it can achieve a speed of 100km/hr from rest in 6.1 seconds only.

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