Volkswagen to start limited production of the XL1 261-mpg

volkswagen formula xl1 concept1 Volkswagen to start limited production of the XL1 261 mpg

Volkswagen is now on a spree to build a car called Formula XL1 which will be targeted to the general populace. Volkswagen plans to put the model in production. However, the production batch size is going to be small and only hundred initially.

With 2 cylinder TDI engine, electric motor, lithium- ion battery pack and a dual clutch transmission, it is sure to take you for a joy ride. The dual powered car is designed to be environment friendly and offers a great mileage. The car draws it power from gas as well as electricity. The futuristic design of the car is another huge point for attraction.

Germany is the first country to ride it followed by USA and China. The batch size is small and so the question is how many people will get to buy this car?  This 1 litre car created a stir in the Qatar Motor show and is expected to be a huge hit when it reaches the market. The critics were left astound as they thought that this car will never make it to the showroom. The car is all set to take every one’s breath away, not only is it affordable it is also every commoners dream comes true.

The stylish and sleek car consumes only 1 litre of petrol per 100 km. Volkswagen’s effort has paid them well with the huge number of consumer response and people are queuing up the showrooms to be a proud owner of one. This car is all set to make records as the economy car that every person would like to own one.

The sceptics are still not very hopeful about the materialization of the project as ambitious projects like these always gets the axe when ever a tiniest bit of economic down turn hits the automobile industry

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