2010 BYD F3DM Hybrid

2010 byd f3dm hybrid 2010 BYD F3DM Hybrid

2010 byd f3dm hybrid 4 1024x688 2010 BYD F3DM Hybrid

The 2011 Detroit auto Show will unveil BYD’s strategy of the “Three Green Dreams”. This strategy is actually based on the 3 sources of green energy. The battery is made up of lithium-ion iron phosphate which helps in efficient consumption of energy. The Chinese automakers have actually showed their mettle by their “Green City” solutions which boasts of LED lighting which economizes energy consumption, units which save electricity and electrically driven vehicles.

The Detroit Auto Show will also be the spectator of the showcasing of the 2012 e6 Premier Electric crossover and there is talks of the BYD SUV being launched which is dual mode having hybrid plug ins. BYD’s new invention of the Green City solution actually is a futuristic concept which will give electricity to the city transportation which will in turn reduce air pollution and the carbon emission in a surprisingly cheaper rate.

The 2012 e6 Premier is a pure electrical vehicle and the dual mode electrical SUV is called the S6DM which will be unveiled in the year 2011 at COBO centre. The BYD F3DM takes 40 minutes to be fully charged. The car features 1.0 liter gasoline engine BY371QA along with BYDFE battery. The Fe battery is charged with solar panel sun roof. The FE battery can actually make the car travel over 60 km. The extended HEV mode will give the car a boast to travel 500 km giving it a maximum speed of 150 km/hour.

This Hybrid version is different as well a unique blend where the Chinese automobile makers have actually incorporated the use of solar energy making this car an environment enthusiast’s favourite driving machine. This car is sure a car to look out for and is surely to be a hit when it comes to performance, speed and cleaner energy.

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