2010 Lotus Elite Prototype

2010 Lotus Elite Prototype 1024x768 2010 Lotus Elite Prototype

Lotus is famous for manufacturing superior and stylish cars. If you wish to buy luxury or sports car in the Queen’s country, then Lotus car is the one which you can think of at first. There are various types of models from which you can select and there are wide varieties of colour options too. Lotus cars are known for its latest and hi tech technologies which are merged with imagination and creativity. The designs of the cars are compact and have a classic look. Lotus car is an embodiment of grace, style and elegance.

The Lotus Elite prototype 2010 was unveiled in Paris Motor Show and was the centre of all attractions among buyers as well as car lovers. This car is the latest “technological innovation”, which has a retractable top which is hard and uses technology which is hybrid with KERS. This car is a perfect example of a car which is a mix of technology as well as class.

The weight of car is 1650 kg, which is light weight vehicle and is fit for racing. The engine of the car is V8 which has a capacity of five litres and it is a high performance car. The emission of carbon dioxide is low, which produces 215 gram of carbon dioxide per kilo meter. The car also has an integrated energy recovery system that of 612hp and 720Nm of torque. The car has an acceleration of 100 kilometer in nearly 3.6 seconds, with a highest speed of 315 kilometer per hour.

This is one of the concept cars and the designs and information provided regarding to performance, consumption, weight and fuel consumption along with designs, performance figures and other specifications are also subjected to change and can be confirmed after the official testing of the car. In fact Lotus has confirmed that the changes which will be made by them will be done beyond notification and without any prior notice.

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