2010 Mercedes-Benz BIOME Concept

Mercedes BIOME 6 1024x682 2010 Mercedes Benz BIOME Concept

Mercedes BIOME 5 1024x682 2010 Mercedes Benz BIOME Concept

LA car show gives privilege to newcomers to prove their technical expertise in the automobile industry. At this world class car show, a number of car manufacturing companies gather for showcasing their showpieces for ensuring better product endorsement campaigns. In this connection, Mercedes Benz has chalked out special plans to release more dynamic and eco-efficient super car by the end of 2015 in the USA.

This hybrid vehicle will be used to make the globe free of air pollution. In a press release, Mercedes Benz car manufacturing company has pointed out few basic features of this futuristic car model. First of all, this car will be upgraded using sophisticated hybrid technology to increase efficiency of the car. It will be fuelled by organic gasoline products which must be free of chemical impurities. This hybrid car will check air pollution. This vehicle will be environment-friendly and efficient. The concept car will be ably placed to combat with BMW’s super car concept. This hybrid car will purify air by producing oxygen in the mechanical way.

Car will offer excellent driving experience to car drivers. The car is supremely environmental friendly as organic materials/gasoline products are used to run these cars. According to researchers and engineers, these BIOME cars are built with bio-fibre materials which are light in weight. Bio-diesel is used in the engine to accelerate the car. Energy is stored into Bio-nectar 4534 liquid element. Solar energy will be stored to provide power to cars. The car will also be decorated with two plus two seating arrangement.

High quality leather accessories will be used to increase life span of the car seats. There will be also presence of odometer, weather monitoring scale, tyre pressure measuring tool, leather covered steering wheel and excellently decorated front dashboard. Bio-nectar element is fully protected from chemical contaminants and impurities. This concept car will certainly help the next generation to minimize the severity of environment pollution.

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