2010-Think City Vehicle with Easy Operability Systems

2010 Think City 2010 Think City Vehicle with Easy Operability Systems

2010 Think City 1 2010 Think City Vehicle with Easy Operability Systems

Think City car models are meant for fashionable young guys who simply prefer smooth driving and hassle free tour by cars. Now, this new vehicle has been modified and upgraded utilizing sophisticated automobile technology. This fantastic car is built using high quality materials. Think City vehicle provides sufficient space to four persons. If someone does a comprehensive comparison study he will have to admit that Think City outperforms major car models in America.

The special feature of Think City vehicle is that it is totally electric powered. For this reason, this EV is more eco-friendly and affordable in price rate. Electric charged vehicle never discharges carbon in the air. Nor is it harmful to daily frequenters by spewing lethal smoke and chemical impurities. It runs just like a murmuring rivulet. Think City car is loaded with a 34KW electric power generator which can produce good torque and electricity for the activation of car engine. The power train is functional and easy to operate. After one shot of battery recharge, this electric charged vehicle can run at the speed of 110 km/h and it can travel up to 160 km after a single battery recharge. There is a complete guarantee for zero carbon release/emission from car. As it is an electric propelled vehicle, it is totally safe and it provides maximum comfort and cosiness to car passengers. The car can be equipped with Zebra or lithium ion battery for powering motor of the car.

The inner compartment of Think City is well decorated and it will surely entice car lovers in America. In a press note, the company’s CEO has stated that this newly built car will be available in other European countries very soon. However, there is no positive information about the exact date of car premiere in North America. Prices of the car will be decided when the management of this Oslo based auto maker finalizes introduction of the car in Europe next week.

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