2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

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Chevrolet, a renowned name in the world of car industry, is produced by General Motors Company, USA. The company has now come up with something new. It has introduced the 2011 Camaro SS at the auction at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale. It is a convertible and is the Indianapolis 500 pace car of this Chevrolet series for the year 2011.

It is modeled after the 1969 pace car of Camaro which is now a collector’s item only. The changes include a new paint which is Summit White with orange stripes. The interior also has the décor of orange leather. For Camaro, this is its seventh time as a pace car and is completing one hundred years on the roads! And that is why this extraordinary getup to its old model as a compliment on its 100th year. It is a limited edition car and only 50 have been manufactured.

It has a powerful V8 engine empowering the car with 400hp providing a incomparable speed with automatic transmission. The other outstanding features of this model include a centreed console, disc brake of four wheels, instrument display which is easily accessible, electronic control on its stability, twenty inch aluminum wheels with performance tires making its elegance stand out amidst all the fast track racing cars, It is a beauty in itself.

The car is the first of the fifty replicas of the old models of its race cars. The reason why they are put up on auction has a humanitarian cause behind it. The proceeds of the sale will be given to a charity called David Foster Foundation which supports families of children who require an organ transplant needed for saving their lives.

Since it is on auction, one should keep up with the latest auction deals and join the madding crowd if they are interested in owning this worthy car.

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