2011 Honda Li Nian S1 Review

2011 honda li nian s1 1 2011 Honda Li Nian S1 Review

China is showing its interest to enter into international automobile industry. Honda has signed MOU with Guangzhou automaker to showcase 2011 Honda Li Nian S1 car model at Chinese auto show. Honda released a number of world class cars for people which have received appreciation from all corners of the world.

This Honda vehicle has been built on the basis of previous Honda City model, Honda Jazz with hatchback doors. Honda car manufacturer has targeted the teenage group in China. Young generation will be glad to drive the light weighted vehicle which will be upgraded with fantastically decorated car accessories and tools. 2011 Honda Li Nian S1 car model has been equipped with a 1.3 litre fully capacitated gasoline engine. However, there is also the availability of 1.5 gasoline fuelled engine. 2011 Honda Li Nian S1 edition has the capacity to generate 295 hp and produce maximum torque up to 284 pounds feet. The energy efficient power train provides power to vehicle for the smooth rushing via highways.

This car model has 1.5 litre engine with four cylinders in proper position. Honda Li Nian S1 vehicle is also designed with beautiful interior décor items. The floor of the car is covered with perfectly fitted carpet. Car seats of the compartment are well built and easy to stretch as per requirement. The back rest of the car seats is durable and soft. The fluorescent lamps have been used to brighten the internal space of the car. The front face-lift of the vehicle is beautifully decorated. The hood is adjustable and it can be lifted up to do repair to the internal tools of the car. The throttling sound of the engine is good. This car has magnificent wheelbases, axles, suspension system, exhaust pipe, automatic transmission accessory and cylinders in right direction.

This sophisticated car looks excellent as experts have applied coats of eye-catching colour shades to enhance the aesthetics of the car. Inside the cabin of the car, there are dashboard with foldable drawers, inset glass mirrors, sun screen accessories, odometer, tire pressure measuring accessory, speedometer, accelerator, brakes and grip safe steering wheels. This car emits lowest amount of carbon in the air.

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