2011 Lancia Delta Will Be Launched with New Features

2011 Lancia Delta 1 1024x682 2011 Lancia Delta Will Be Launched with New Features

2011 Lancia Delta 1024x682 2011 Lancia Delta Will Be Launched with New Features

Geneva car show will be held in March and Lancia Delta is supposed to be exhibited at the car show in Geneva. The newly styled car will be unique in design as a team of experts have worked out competently to design these new car models. In a weekly journal, the official spokespersons of Lancia Delta have stated that there will be new modified cars of both Chrysler and Lancia Delta brands. New cars will be upgraded by changing facelift, decorating side skirts and bumpers. Engine will also be replaced and experts will plant upgraded power trains inside the cars.

The grills of Delta and Chrysler cars will be changed to bring perfection to the exterior décor of these sedan vehicles. Centro Stile Lancia has owned up his responsibility to design Delta sedan cars. He has applied his latest design to make the car models more elegant and charismatic. He has used horizontal bars instead of using vertical trims/plates to reshape the cars. Lancia has imitated the design of Chrysler model 200/300 saloon cars. Lancia has decided to use steel and aluminium metals to decorate the exterior and interior parts of the car. 2011 Delta cars will have different types of power trains like petrol fed 1.4 litre turbo charged engine which can generate around 120 horsepower.

In addition, there is also provision for gasoline propelled turbo engine. Dual power train option is really helpful to car users as they can save money by opting for both options. Furthermore, 1.4 litre multi-air petrol fuelled engine can produce 140 horsepower. Experts claim that there is also availability of 1.6 litre capacity multi jet diesel fed power train which generates 120 horsepower. The 1.9-liter capacitive dual multi-jet power train has redefined this new Delta version. In compliance with Euro- 5 auto emission guidelines, this car has bee upgraded. The 1.6 litre multi-jet car can produce 105 hp along with 300 Newton Meter torque and this new sedan car will have the capacity to reach 100 km/h within 10.7 seconds. This maximum speed of the car is 186km/h.

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