2011 Mercedes Benz B55 Concept Car

2011 Mercedes Benz B55 Concept 2011 Mercedes Benz B55 Concept Car

2011 Mercedes Benz B55 Concept 1 2011 Mercedes Benz B55 Concept Car

In the world of cars, the name of Mercedes Benz is very famous. Mercedes Benz B55 class vehicle is spacious and sophisticated in design. The Rasttatt company manager named Wesp has designed the new luxurious car which will be more dynamic and beautiful. This vehicle will have surplus features like powerful V8 engine with eight cylinders. The beautifully designed internal compartment of the car is fascinating and complimented well by the stylishly designed steering wheel. The car is upgraded with lockable doors and sun visors which prevent the sunlight and dust particles. Andreas is a technical expert who has given the concrete shape to this car model applying his own innovative automobile technology. 8.5 x 18 AMG wheelbases are rimmed with bands of high quality tyres to enhance the gripping capability.

New features have been added to this concept vehicle. For instance, sophisticated disc type flat braking accessories have been fitted to this car. Disc brakes are designed with several holes to ensure airflow. Sizes of disc brakes are 345 x 34 mm and these vital car accessories have been installed inside the compartment of the car. Front and rear tyres are durable and capable to roll over the uneven surface smoothly. The steering wheel of the car is located at right position and it is very much flexible and resilient. Inside the cabinet of the car, one can find well fitted Alcantara combined leather upholstery.

The specialty in the car lies in the selection of colour combination and the installation of decorated transparent glass lenses for the front headlamps along with light indicators. The chassis of the car is solid and durable. The floor of the car is designed with colourful carpets which provide maximum comfort to the feet. Space inside the car is enough for safekeeping of the luggage and there is also the provision for switching on the music system inside the compartment. The workable clutching system is excellent and functional. Driver will have no problem to drive car during night as the car is equipped with powerful lighting fixtures. The suspension gear box is also an added feature of this car. Mercedes Benz B55 edition will be exhibited at international car shows.

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