2011 Toyota Avalon, the new beast of the block

2011ToyotaAvalonLTD 8 2011 Toyota Avalon, the new beast of the block

2011ToyotaAvalonLTD 4 2011 Toyota Avalon, the new beast of the block

With a 6 speed automatic transmission and 268 horsepower the Toyota Avalon Sedan is a limited Sedan with unique design and features. Thus, this car is said to be low on fuel consumption and is said to create a memorable ride for its passengers. This luxurious sedan has a very sophisticated exterior and an interior that redefines luxury which is the creation of a mixture of luxury and technology.

There are 2 grades of the car which are available, the Avalon and the Avalon limited, both boasting of the perfect leather seats, uber cool interiors and the driver’s seat that can be changed in 8 different ways. The air filtration system makes you breathe in fresh air even when the windows are pulled up, the climate control system is a new technology and the electric moon roof is a delight for the passengers. There is a smart key that automatically switches on the lights inside the car. The Toyota navigation touch screen becomes your best friend when you are lost or when you are bad with directions. There are rain sensing wipers that automatically start operating when they sense the first fall of rain.

The driving experience becomes unique and unforgettable. The comfort makes the driving a pleasure when the front console moves the driver’s seat in various positions just to make the driver feel at ease and give him the comfort he wants.

Audi A6 is loaded with Bluetooth connectivity, USB data cables which can be connected to your IPod, Advanced Satellite Radio, blasting audio system and speakers that gives you an all together different experience. It is a power filled car which can not only glide in highways but also slide in the worst of traffics.

In safety too it ranks no less with its anti theft systems, airbags as well as knee bags, a direct pressure monitor, and your child is kept safe with anchors for child seat. So with safety and luxury you hit the road in style when you are driving the Toyota Avalon.

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