2012 Citroen DS2

2012 citroen ds2 2012 Citroen DS2

Among the various international brands of automobile manufacturer, Citroen is an established French automobile manufacturer which produces cars in large quantities outside USA. In fact, it is known as one of the most innovative car manufacturers, which manufactures cars with unique engineering designs and techniques.

The recent addition in their rage of cars is the DS range, which is the premium range of car. The Citroen DS2 is a small and compact car which is slated to be introduced in 2012. This model of car is an entry level vehicle to the new DS range of cars, which has been launched by Citroen.

The design of Citroen DS2 has been influenced from the Citroen Revolte and the features of the car include large headlights, grille which is conventional in nature and narrow track. The doors of this car is rear hinged, which can also be found Revolte and is inspired from” people’s car”. This car is powered by a hybrid system which is rechargeable and consists of both an electric unit as well as combustible engine. Citroen DS2 is one such car model which will have petrol engine, with an output ranging from 60 hp to 100 hp.

This is one such car which will be a reason of envy for other brands of car manufacturers like Fiat 500 and Mini’s Cooper. It will also be envious for the other retro super minis after it has been launched in 2012. You can get this model of car in various colours, including metallic colours. As far the price of 2012 Citroen DS2 is concerned, it will be available at EURO 10,000 ($ 13,300). This car will be offered with electric propulsion later on.

So what are you waiting for? Just visit the nearest car dealer to know about the car and be the first one to get hold of the premium edition of cars.

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