2012 Ford Focus, the new beast of the block

2012 ford focus 16 2012 Ford Focus, the new beast of the block

2012 ford focus 30 2012 Ford Focus, the new beast of the block

Ford is an American automobile manufacturing giant, which manufactures different types of cars, especially luxury cars. Apart from the Ford and Lincoln brands, Ford also has its share in Mazda, which is a Japanese brand and that of Aston Martin of UK. Even though there are many cars which are being manufactured by Ford, there are a lot of excitements among the buyers in US regarding the 2012 Ford Focus, which was release in the US market recently.

People very often had a notion that, if you wish to buy luxury cars, then you have to shell out a pretty hefty amount. All the luxury cars are generally big and have all such features which are classy and elegant. Having such a car is an owner’s pride, but it is pretty difficult for a common man to own such a car. The launch of 2012 Ford Focus has changed all notions as it is one such car, which is big and comes in a small package; with all the features, which can be afforded by all. In fact most of the people are getting rid of their existing SUV’s and are opting for small cars as compared to SUV. Even though the Ford Focus which is unveiled in 2012 is a small car, in comparisons to other brands, the car includes all those features and facilities, which are available in the big cars, which come at a much higher price.

Even though the 2012 Ford Focus is manufactured keeping in mind about the American market, the style of the car is very much European. This model is sporty in look and is also edgy. In fact this car is also available with the sports package, which is available in some of the models only and is very much comfortable to drive.

As far the looks and features are concerned, it has a five door form and in order to maintain the sportier look of the car, the seats have been lowered and so is the overall height. In fact the US version of the car is 0.5 inch lower and 3.0 inches longer and it also has a 1.3 inch longer wheel base. The new boy of the car is made up of steel which covers 55% of the car’s boy. The engine of the car is 2.0 liter, along with four cylinders. The intake capacity is variable, along with the exhaust valve timing. This model will be available on sale with the two types of transmission system, that of base, which is six speed manual and the other is the fancy one with six speed dual clutch gearbox. The other features of the Ford Focus includes rear view camera, keyless ignition, blind spot warning system and many other such hi-tech features.

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