2012 Toyota FT-86 Review

toyota ft 86 concept 8 2012 Toyota FT 86 Review

toyota ft 86 concept 2012 Toyota FT 86 Review

Toyota in collaboration with Subaru, a part of Fuji Heavy Automobile industry has finalized a deal for launching sophisticated car which will be attractive and eco-friendly. Toyota FT 86 edition will be manufactured following the car concepts of FT HS hybrid car. This Toyota FT 86 hybrid vehicle will be equipped with high quality engine and car accessories.

New concept car will be more aggressive in design. The coupe will be built with sophisticated two doors, 100.4 inches wheelbases with long lasting car frame. The exterior part of the vehicle will be more resilient and dynamic in nature. 2012 Toyota FT 86 car will provide immense space for the safekeeping of luggage. Car passengers will feel comfy to sit inside the compartment of the car. The grip safe steering wheel is very conducive to the smooth driving without creating any technical mistake. The eye-catching aerodynamic shape of the car is really marvellous with slopping roofline. The air spoiler at the rear side of the car ensures the smooth airflow. 2 round shaped exhaust pipes are adjustable. This car will never pollute environment as carbon diffuser technology has been applied to check car emission process. This car will be made efficient by installing a 2.0 litre capacitated 4 cylinder turbo engine which can function accurately. There are total 16 valves in the engine.

DOHC technology has been utilized to ensure better fuel injection. This vehicle is also upgraded with 6 speed gear box and suspension tool. The sports vehicle will be designed using ultramodern technology. Pure leather upholsteries will be utilized to increase the life span of the car seats. The flat and smooth dashboard will provide huge space for the safekeeping of artefacts and devices perfectly. Car driver can use voice identification tools and touch screen display unit on the dashboard. There will be a pair of hidden slid drawers for storing small accessories. This car will also be upgraded with competent street navigation tools.

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