2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid, Saves Fuel and Energy

2013 Ford C MAX Hybrid 2013 Ford C MAX Hybrid, Saves Fuel and Energy

C-Max, the electric powered hybrid car from Ford will be a gift to people, to aid the relentless struggle of saving dollars. There are two latest models like C-Max and Fusion version. However, in a press release, experts of Ford have admitted that C-Max, the hybrid car is more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than Fusion in terms of functionality and power generating capability. C-Max will be flexible, light in weight and easy to operate. This vehicle won’t spew dark fume and poisonous gasoline elements. This sophisticated hybrid car is exclusively for those who like to save fuel. At the same time, at another press conference, company’s spokesperson has told reporters that there will be another C-Max Energi edition which will be built using sophisticated hybrid technology.

C-Max and Focus hybrid electric propelled vehicles will be considered to be Ford’s the first electric powered cars with plugging-in facility. Battery is rechargeable and it can produce good power to activate cars for several hours. At one shot of recharge, C-Max, the hybrid vehicle can cover 47 mpg smoothly without a stop. On the other hand, C-Max Energi vehicle will be upgraded with 240 volt capacity battery which can produce energy /power in huge units. When asked how many miles C-Max can travel after battery charge, experts have claimed that they are trying to make the C-Max vehicle to cover 500 miles. This is a great technical leap, in comparison to Chevy which covers 150 miles only. The battery charging process is going to be easier too, in case of C-Max.

C-Max Energi version can gain 120 volt after a single one shot battery recharge. Like Focus Electric car, Energi edition requires same battery for recharging. In this connection, one can purchase the C-Max kit for knowing perfectly about the operating system and maintenance process of this highly sophisticated battery powered C-Max vehicle which runs as smoothly as soft blow of sea-breeze. It doesn’t create noise as there is the perfect arrangement of sound reduction systems. Fuel consumption rate is low and it will not do any damage to atmosphere by releasing deadly gases. Seats are well adjusted to the car. Durable leather upholsteries, fashionable glass reflectors, visors for checking sunlight and different types of road navigation systems have made this C-Max, the hybrid vehicle more functional and competent.

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