2013 Porsche Cajun Small SUV

2013 Porsche Cajun 2013 Porsche Cajun Small SUV

German sports car maker, Porsche has chalked out plans to release sophisticated SUV car under the brand name of Cajun. The concept car has not been premiered till now. A team of engineers and technical experts are busy at the moment; designing and testing the car for making it more energy-efficient and competent.

Officials of Porsche have announced that the automaker will soon release Cajun in the market. However, the details of the new model is not shared with the auto reporters about the design of Cajun vehicle. Wild-Speed has taken the task of designing and rendering the car in an attractive way. Artists have already sketched several fantastic diagrams and images of Cajun concept car. The car is supposed to be SUV model with three door options. However, final decision has not been taken till now whether the concept car “Cajun” would be designed with three doors or five/seven door option. The inner compartment of Cajun car must be decorated with soft and easy to handle seats with recliners. There will be sophisticated interlocking system to lock car doors perfectly.

Car will be more or less similar to Audi SUV in terms of design. The new car will be short in height with aerodynamic front. Slopping roof with properly adjusted lockable doors and headlamps of Cajun will increase the overall structural aesthetics of the vehicle. A powerful and easy to maintain V-6 engine will be installed into the car. This 3 liter car engine can produce 290 horsepower and it is also upgraded with a 295 pound feet torque. An official spokesperson has stated with clarity that Cajun model will also run on diesel. There are sophisticated internal and external parts/chips of the car which include axles, ergonomically built/designed steering, durable wheelbases and good throttling response system. Flexible brakes of the car will help drivers to easily check speed and direction of car whenever required. The vehicle will surely entice teens who always like fashionable showpieces with attractive color contrasts.

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