AC Schnitzer makes Sport S Saloon Car out of the BMW 550i

ACS5 Sport S Saloon AC Schnitzer makes Sport S Saloon Car out of the BMW 550i

AC Schnitzer has decided to showcase two masterpieces at the upcoming Geneva auto show which will be celebrated in March, 2011. Old 550i car model has been upgraded imitating the car design of BMW Z4 edition. This futuristic vehicle will be powered by diesel and it will be more energy efficient and technically updated. ACS5 Sport S Saloon is excellent in shape and it will be painted with mind blowing colours.

At a press conference, the official spokespersons of the company have highlighted special features of this futuristic car. This car will be made more competent by inserting fully modified twin turbo 4.4 litre V8 engine with eight cylinders in proper order. Power train will have the awesome capacity to generate 540 hp and 750 Newton Meter torque. This ACS5 Sport S Saloon car will have the maximum sprinting capability to attain the velocity of 100 km/h within limited time frame of 4.5 seconds. This car can run fast exceeding 199 mph. This sedan car can cope with BMW 550i model in terms of durability and quality. The vehicle will be designed with functional automatic transmission accessory, fuel consumption tuner, solid chassis and specially decorated interior car accessories. Carbon emission percentage is zero as sophisticated carbon diffusing tool will be inserted into the car. Maximum torque will be supplied to wheels for ensuring smooth rushing via streets.

ACS5 car models are more competent as these vehicles are upgraded with latest tools and car accessories. Traction of the tire bands of wheels is excellent. To determine street navigation with perfection, the car is made competent by installing latest equipments to navigate streets even in darkness. Car seats are spacious and cushions are made of high quality leather and foam. The dashboard of the car is solid and smooth. Sun visors will be available inside the cars to protect car drivers and passengers from direct hit of the sunlight. Inset glass reflectors will help drivers to watch sight-scene. The internal frame of the car cabinet is durable and more environment-friendly.

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