Alpina-B5-Bi-Turbo-Touring Vehicle with Excellent Features

Alpina b5 biturbo touring 1 Alpina B5 Bi Turbo Touring Vehicle with Excellent Features

Alpina b5 biturbo touring 3 Alpina B5 Bi Turbo Touring Vehicle with Excellent Features

2011 Geneva auto show will commence soon in the coming month of March, after few days. Meanwhile, Alpina has taken final decision to participate into this auto show and it will produce the concept wagon variant under the brand name B5 Bi Turbo Touring car which will be upgraded emulating B5 BiTurbo sedan car model.

In a press note, experts have stated that this wagon type vehicle will have the same workable power train which is available in saloon car of B5Bi Turbo series. This power train will generate 507 hp and 700 Newton Meter torque. There will be double turbocharged 4.4 litre capacitated V8 engine in right combination with Switch Tronic 8-speed sport automatic toolbox upgraded by ZF. This special wagon can take 4.8 seconds to attain 62 mph from static and have a topmost speed of 187 mph. In an interview, CEO of Alpina automaker has expressed frankly that this new car will attract people for outstanding performance, luxurious frame, highly attractive interior design, durable framework plus sporting design.

While sitting inside this new car, passengers will have maximum comfort. The sharp facelift, spacious compartment and better looking car accessories are added advantages which this car can provide. The car seats are durable and easy to operate. Every seat seems to be a soft couch as high quality foam and leather accessory will be used to increase the durability and aesthetics of the car seats. The strong hood and bonnet of B5Bi Turbo touring edition are durable and solid. Sun visors, glass reflector casings, leather covered good looking steering wheels and sophisticated clutching accessories are available inside the car. Tire bands are long lasting and high in quality. The wheelbases of the vehicle are flexible and adjustable to front and rear axle bars. It will be a luxurious car with fantastic car d├ęcor accessories. This futuristic car is also fuel efficient as it can save 10.9 liters/100 km in comparison to other sedan vehicle.

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