Audi Autonomous TTS Pikes Peak of 2011

2011 Audi Autonomous TTS Pikes Peak Audi Autonomous TTS Pikes Peak of 2011

2011 Audi Autonomous TTS Pikes Peak 2 Audi Autonomous TTS Pikes Peak of 2011

This car has redefined speed and auto technology. The 30th Anniversary of the Quattro is celebrated by the car, as the new technology used in the Audi is named the Quattro technology. This car is technically so advanced that it does not need human intervention to manipulate the driving. This new technology claims to save many lives and be more traffic alert and also save people from accidents.

The technology owns its development to motor sports that helped in the development of such a unique technology to enter our lives. The Audi autonomous TTS has the styling and technology of a sports car.

The Pikes peak race cars inspired the inception of the rally look alike car. The trunk has 2 computers- one taking care of the safety with its algorithms while the other takes care of the dynamics of the vehicles. The car is a modern day computer incorporated in the mechanics of the car that can give you the smoothest rides in the toughest of terrains. The car boasts of a speed of 47 mph.

This is the ultimate future of all driving machines. The car has a semiautomatic gear box and a good mixture of technology with the right blend of software to give the added boost and to pump up the fully loaded machine.

This car is not claiming to replace the driver but to make the driver more aware and make safety the top priority. This car has used the right Java and Oracle software technologies to come out with the output for this modified and computerized power machine, which has the speed and technology to give you the safest ride.

This car looks sporty and has all the added technology put by the master minds that gives you a car which takes automation to the next level where human intervention is not at all required.

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