Audi e-tron Spyder e-den Charging Station

2010 Audi e tron Spyder e den Charging Station Audi e tron Spyder e den Charging Station

The Audi e-tron Spyder e-den Charging Station is one of the most nascent concept which is being introduced by Audi. This charging station has been created; keeping in mind about the future when there will be more of electronically powered vehicles as compared to vehicles which run with the help of gasoline.

In fact the Audi e-tron Spyder e-den Charging Station is being created, in order to replace the gasoline stations, which were used as the “so called charging stations”. This new kind of charging station is similar to the gasoline service station, with an addition of few extra amenities. As it takes more time to charge your car electronically in comparison to filling with gasoline, the charging stations will have few amenities, which will be helpful both for the drivers as well as for the passengers of the cars. There will be entertainment as well as certain other facilities, which will keep them engaged.

The plan of designing such a kind of charging station was done by Munich based famous graphic designer Mirko Borsche and the name of the charging station is also significant enough, as e-den indicates real paradise, where e signifies electro mobility. In the interiors of the refilling station, you can find wooden furniture, various types of organic plants, magazines and books. You can also find various types of fair trade products and other sustainable materials which creates a “real paradise” like feel. The presence of all these will make the wait of the drivers as well as of the passengers enjoyable.

The main aim of creating such a kind of a service station is to provide adequate and accurate information to the people regarding the challenges faced by the manufacturers which are associated with the electronic mobility. The challenges are not only in respect to the vehicles using electricity, but for the whole system which is required to maintain such a lifestyle using this technology. The presence of such a kind of station indicates for an environment which will be without gasoline and will help us to lead a more comfortable life.

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