Audi RS6 Vehicle-Decorated with Ultra-Light Carbon Fibre

2012 Audi RS6 Sedan 3 1024x682 Audi RS6 Vehicle Decorated with Ultra Light Carbon Fibre

Audi RS6 car is a type of sports vehicle and it was first launched in the year of 2002 and later in 2008. However, right now, a team of technical experts has made a special plan by modifying this Audi RS6 version including special features. This RS6 model car has been upgraded by inserting a turbo- 5.0 liter V10 engine which is capable of generating 580 horsepower and 480 pounds feet torque. The well built engine performs excellently to activate the car for smooth running. 580 hp generating unit enables the car to sprint ranging from 0-60 mph within short time-frame of 4.5 seconds.

At a press conference, experts have told reporters that this vehicle runs at the normal speed of 155 mph. However, the car user can raise the speed of the car up to 175 mph if required. This sports car is also equipped with marvellous lighting accessories and leather upholsteries. The exterior texture of the body of the car is painted in eye-catching colour and the internal part of the compartment of the vehicle is decorated with foldable and adjustable seats which are designed with comfortable leather cushions. This Audi RS6 version is made durable and less weighty using MLP base/platform to reduce approximately 220 pounds.

The Audi Ren Sport 6-edition will be improved by installing two small size double turbo V8 engines which are 4 litres in capacity. Engineers have used two sophisticated 4 litre engines instead of V10 heavy engine. That’s why, the car is light in weight and functional with automatic transmission tool box and other fantastic equipments and car accessories like sun visors, strong console and dashboard plus grip safe steering wheel. Experts have used carbon insulated fibre to decorate the interior portion of the car cabinet. Ultra-light carbon fibre will lessen the overweight of the metal frame of the car compartment. This car is environment-friendly as well. This car will also be shown in the next auto show in Geneva.

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