Awesome Hirsch Performance Saab9-3

saab 93 hirsch 1024x680 Awesome Hirsch Performance Saab9 3

saab 93 hirsch 19 1024x680 Awesome Hirsch Performance Saab9 3

Hirsch Performance AG Switzerland along with Saab Cars North America has created the Saab 9-3 which was displayed in the Chicago Auto Show. The car has an improved Swedish style look with an engine capacity of 240 horsepower. The reprogrammed engine can produce 310Nm of torque and 195bhp. A map upgrade with a Hirsch engine along with the dual exhaust system makes the car stand out.

The wheels measure 19 inches in diameter with a 6 twin alloy. The gorgeous interior, a rear diffuser and a carbon fibre body kit give the car a good look. The front splitter deflects the wind away from the front tyres and controls the aerodynamic drag. Four piece mesh grille set and a rear spoiler are some of the additions. The Carbon-dioxide emission is very less from the diesel engine. It is about 119g/km. Aluminium pedals and leather interiors add to the beauty of the car. There is an upgrade in the aero kit and suspension. Some of the interesting colours are the Metallic colour, Carbon Grey and Laser Red. Saab’s Hirsch Performance and the upgrades don’t affect its warranty. The 19”, 18”and even the 17” wheels are more than 50percent stronger and 20percent lighter.

The customers are fully conscious of the fuel efficiency and environment friendly product, but they will have to wait for the brand to announce the price. The aerodynamics of the legendary Saab is subtle but cannot be ignored. Generating a greater down force the front bumper has demonstrated that they minimize drag at high speeds. The aerodynamics significantly reduces the air resistance as well.

The glistening car showcases the gorgeous and elegant Swedish automobile style to the global audience. The excitement around the car is pretty high and we hope it will more than match the expectations of the auto enthusiasts around the world.

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