Black Bison Kit for Lexus LS 460

Lexus LS 460 8 1024x682 Black Bison Kit for Lexus LS 460

Lexus LS 460 10 1024x682 Black Bison Kit for Lexus LS 460

Japanese car looks good and are environment-friendly. In the international market, Wald International, the well known Japanese auto maker has officially declared that this company will soon launch high quality Black Bison kit for Lexus LS line up. Wald International has already published several colour snapshots of Black Bison which is meant for the decoration and the face-lift of Lexus LS series.

Black Bison kit contains a long list of fenders, grills and chrome made trims and moulded bars. International Wald has designed a number of Black Bison templates to upgrade Japanese car models of Lexus LS line up. The new car model frame is also decorated with side skirts, bumpers at front and rear portions, prominent designs in different parts of the car. This company has hired specially trained car designers to improve the visibility and aesthetics of the vehicle.
The roof of the car will be upgraded with a flexible and easy to operate air flap or spoiler to let outdoor fresh air enter into the car. The sophisticated car looks excellent with the usage of heavily accented chrome made trims inside the compartment of the vehicle. The car is also loaded with workable carbon diffuser and automatic
transmission tool box.

On the other hand, the car wheels are available in the shapes of 7.5-13.0 x 24 and 8.5-11.5 x 22. In an official statement, experts have told reporters that Black Bison kit will be used for redesigning the car in more organized way. This Japanese Lexus LS 460 model will be made unique by utilizing Black Bison kit. The car designers have used the Louvre designs to accelerate the aesthete of this Japanese vehicle. Black Bison for Lexus LS 460 model was exhibited to Tokyo Auto Salon car exhibition. This Black Bison for Lexus LS 460 redefines the overall structural aesthete of the car.

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